What is a cracker plant?

The PTT Global Chemical ethane cracker plant is currently proposed for construction in Dilles Bottom, Ohio. If built, the processing facility would "crack" ethane molecules from fracked gas into smaller ethylene and polyethylene molecules that can be manufactured into plastic and other materials.

According to PTTG’s own permit application, the facility could emit the following into the air:


  • Particulate Matter (PM): 120 tons per year

  • Particulate Matter size 10 micrometers (PM10): 89 tons per year

  • Particulate Matter size 2 micrometers (PM2.5): 86 tons per year

  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2): 23 tons per year

  • Nitrous oxides (NOx): 164 tons per year

  • Carbon monoxide (CO): 544 tons per year

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): 396 tons per year

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S): <1 ton per year

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions: 1,785,043 tons per year


These numbers are alarming, especially in terms of greenhouse gas emissions – which could greatly exacerbate the major climate disruptions we are experiencing, causing more frequent flooding and major storms in the Ohio River Valley region. 

Activity related to PTT Global's facility could cause severe health problems, including cancer, difficulty breathing, COPD, neurological and reproductive issues, stroke, asthma exacerbation, cardiovascular death, as well as developmental problems.

Moreover, the plant's construction will not result in many long-term jobs. Towns with cracker plants go through a boom-bust cycle without any sustainable economic benefit. Momentum will swing in the direction of more fossil fuel extraction during the exact moment in time when we need to lessen our dependence on it and instead create an economy based on clean energy to insure a viable future for our children. Read more about the economics of the PTTG complex.

Know the Threats of the Petrochemical Industry Virtual Information Session

On August 12, 2020, Concerned Ohio River Residents hosted a virtual public meeting regarding the Mountaineer Natural Gas Liquids Underground Storage Facility proposed for Monroe County, OH and related infrastructure, like the PTTGC cracker plant, as part of our ongoing effort to educate the community about the public health and safety risks posed by the petrochemical industry expansion in the Ohio River Valley. In addition to public health concerns, economic experts have shared that the petrochemical industry is not likely to expand much in this area, and will fail to provide the previously forecasted employment growth and economic "boom".

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