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eduardo: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching or or Not really, There's some good appz which works the same way as win8, eduardo: where did you get the 11.04 iso? did you download that version? no i downloaded 10.04 LTS i downloaded the iso from ubuntu website eduardo did you try the live cd first? eduardo: that is not a ubuntu version anymore. it is no LTS. it is no longer supported. try to reinstall a ubuntu standard i want a long term supported ubuntu i thought that ubuntu 11.04 would be one eduardo: the desktop version is LTS. the server is not. so you got a strange iso. maybe check the md5sum or if it has a fake free trial yeah i have a doubt is there something on the CD that protects it to be able to boot only with that specific version ?? eduardo: no eduardo i really have no idea about that eduardo: you got a strange iso. try the md5sum to compare that with the official md5sum to make sure its not damaged well it could be worse it could be a kali live CD that IS OLD the 11.04 is the latest one i got 11.10 the 11.04 is even worse that is not possible. really i burned a new copy, it starts from the boot wrong iso, or your media.





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Signcut Pro Crack Mac Software

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