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"Making the Invisible Visible" Webinar Illustrates Dangers of Fracking-Related Air Pollution

Last Thursday, Concerned Ohio River Residents co-hosted the first session of Making the Invisible Visible, a webinar on air pollution and inadequate regulation in Belmont County and the surrounding area. A team of scientists, air monitoring experts, public health professionals, and community advocates illustrated the magnitude of petrochemical-related air pollution in our area and equipped participants with the information and resources necessary to keep themselves and their community safe.

Click here to watch a recording of last Thursday's webinar on YouTube. Protecting yourself and your loved ones from air pollution exposure starts with being aware. Locate sources of exposure near your home and in your community, talk to your healthcare provider about any concerns you may have, and consider keeping a Health Diary. It's also important to keep an eye on local air conditions: to view local volatile organic compound (VOC) levels in real time, check out our community-sourced monitoring network at  If you'd like to apply for free air monitoring equipment installation, please fill out our brief interest survey. Because we only have a few monitors, we'll be prioritizing those who live near compressor stations, shale gas wells, and other petrochemical-related infrastructure.  Lastly, please consider adding your name to our petition demanding Ohio's regulatory agencies deny permits to petrochemical-related facilities, including the PTTG ethane cracker plant and the Mountaineer NGL storage hub, until a comprehensive health impact study is conducted.  For more information, visit Concerned Ohio River Residents on Facebook or our website. To subscribe to email updates and our monthly newsletter, click here. (We'll never share or sell your information, and we only send a few emails per month.) To donate to our community outreach initiatives via GoFundMe, click here

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