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Sharing information about petrochemical threats with elected officials

CORR held a virtual community meeting recently regarding the Mountaineer Natural Gas Liquids Underground Storage Facility proposed for Monroe County, OH and related infrastructure.

Here is the video of the meeting. We shortened it to include the most vital facts and information about this dangerous facility. After re-watching, please send to family members, friends, and others who you think need to know about the petrochemical/plastics industry threats that are facing the Ohio Valley. Also, please share the video with your elected officials. Below, you will find instructions on how to do that. We encourage you to let them know that the video explains why these highly dangerous projects don't make sense environmentally nor economically, and that there is growing awareness among Ohio Valley/Appalachian residents. Share our contact information and encourage them to join CORR in helping to create a "Better Vision" for the Ohio Valley.

CLICK HERE for a pretty comprehensive list of public officials who represent citizens who would be most impacted by this facility.

That list includes representatives from Ohio as well as West Virginia.It is especially important to contact Ohio Governor Mike DeWine who has been supportive of the ethane cracker plant project and received a donation for his inauguration by PTTG.

Mike DeWine, Ohio Governor

  • Send an email to him by clicking here

  • Phone number: 614-644-4357

When sharing this info with elected officials, please give them CORR's contact info as well. Here it is:


Social: Facebook and Twitter Email:

Phone: (740) 738-3124

Address: Concerned Ohio River Residents P.O. Box 135 Bridgeport, OH 4392

We are all in this together. There is a growing movement in Appalachia. We can create a better future for ourselves. The path to get there might not always be easy to see, but with all of our collective efforts, we can make it happen. 

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