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PTTGC returns $20 million to Ohio

The Thai company, PTTGC returned $20 million to the state of Ohio since they did not meet the deadline set forth in the agreement they made with the state years ago. They have not started construction and their air permit with Ohio EPA expired in Feb. 2022 as well. The state gave the company around $70 million total to prep the site in Dilles Bottom, OH to build the massive ethane cracker/plastics plant, and now that they had to return a good portion of it, many are questioning even more if the plant will ever get built.

"PTTGCA’s decision to let the air permit expire is the latest indicator that the project is extremely unlikely to move forward, and certainly will not be moving forward any time soon," said Megan Hunter, senior attorney at the Chicago-based EarthJustice advocacy organization. "We are thankful that at least for now, the community is safe from the air pollution that would come from the facility."

"Currently in the global economy, there is a massive overcapacity for the production of ethylene and polyethylene," said Sean O'Leary, senior researcher at the Ohio River Valley Institute. "There's been massive build-out along the Gulf Coast, and there's also been major build-out in Asia, particularly in China. The competitive atmosphere is a pretty daunting one."

What does this latest news mean for the Ohio Valley? No one is for certain, but we will keep you updated as we learn more about the situation. We should continue to push our elected officials to move on to some type of development that is sustainable and healthy, rather than extractive and dirty. Let's come together in a positive way and create the future we want to have in the Ohio Valley.

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