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National Projection Campaign Calls on President-Elect Biden to Address the Plastic Pollution Crisis

Concerned Ohio River Residents and 500+ member organizations have just launched the Presidential Plastics Action Plan, a national effort to demand president-elect Biden utilize his executive authority to fight the plastic pollution crisis. Eight bold executive actions, outlined in the Plan, could immediately set the nation on a pathway to a plastic-pollution-free future while longer-term measures that require action at all levels of government and society are developed.

Please add your name to the Presidential Plastics Action Plan petition urging President Biden to be the leader we need in the fight to end the plastic pollution crisis. Plastic production fuels the climate crisis and harms local communities like ours with toxic air and water pollution, yet the fossil fuel industry plans to increase plastic production by 40% over the next decade. President Biden can, and must, act on plastic pollution immediately. We must stop producing more plastic and transform our throwaway economy to a regenerative one. We demand President Biden take bold action on plastic pollution, including suspending and denying permits for new or expanded plastic production facilities and associated infrastructure projects, and be a #PlasticFreePresident.

CORR remains committed to advocating on behalf of residents of the Ohio River Valley whose health, safety, and livelihoods have been adversely impacted by fossil fuel extraction and plastic production. If we are serious about stopping the plastic pollution crisis, we must reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic produced by petrochemical facilities like the PTTGC ethane cracker plant, proposed for construction in Dilles Bottom, Ohio. If built, the plant would "crack" ethane molecules from fracked gas into smaller molecules that can be manufactured into plastic products. The PTTGC plant could annually emit hundreds of tons of potentially carcinogenic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter into the already-polluted regional atmosphere, potentially causing and exacerbating severe health problems like cancer, asthma, COPD, and neurological issues. The plant would also further entrench our regional economy in fossil fuel extraction and plastics production, contributing to our planet’s unprecedented global plastics congestion.

Our communities have uniquely suffered from our region’s outsized contribution to the fossil-fuel-caused climate crisis. It’s time to demand better. Please join us in calling on President-elect Biden to take bold action against plastics pollution, including suspending and denying permits for new or expanded plastic production facilities like the PTTGC ethane cracker plant and associated infrastructure projects.

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