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Letter to the Editor published in Times Leader about Gov. DeWine/climate change

Local resident:

Who does Ohio Governor Mike DeWine represent?

The governor of Ohio recently met behind closed doors with representatives of PTTG about the Belmont County cracker plant. We call for Governor DeWine to meet with Concerned Ohio River Residents, an Ohio Valley citizen group. We have been contacting him since March but he has yet to meet with us. We ask that he represent Ohioans- not corporate polluting companies.

The PTTG cracker plant has an air permit to emit 1.7 million tons of CO2 annually, along with other toxic substances. Add to that the Monaca cracker and the four more on the drawing board, plus the whole petrochemical complex being planned for the Ohio River. Massive emissions would come from just from our little corner of the world. Is it fair to do this for economic gain while the Florida Keys become submerged by climate change? Human consumption has caused CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere to blow past 400 parts per million with no end in sight.

Eventually, the oceans will not be able to absorb the amounts of CO2 being absorbed now. Simultaneously, oxygen is being depleted from the oceans. Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 will become even greater. Learned scientists are telling us we’ve got to find creative ways to leave it in the ground. It’s been said that the Stone Age didn’t end because humanity ran out of stones, and the oil age must end before we run out of oil.

Please visit and speak up to Governor DeWine.

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