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Join Us for the Mountaineer NGL Storage Facility Community Meeting

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The Mountaineer NGL Storage Facility, located 2.5 miles north of Clarington along Rt. 7 in Salem Township, poses a serious threat to our health, our safety, our environment, and our economy. If constructed, the facility would develop underground caverns for the storage of natural gas liquids (NGLs), highly flammable, explosive chemical compounds used in petrochemical production. Up to 3.25 million barrels of these hazardous liquids would be stored adjacent to and potentially beneath the Ohio River, endangering a source of drinking water for five million people.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is currently considering Powhatan Salt Company's application for three injection well permits associated with the Mountaineer NGL storage facility. We believe the existing application materials for these wells do not contain enough information for anyone to evaluate the safety of these operations. The applications do not fully consider the possibility of contaminants migrating to underground sources of drinking water, and they include no real emergency response plan. How will we find out if the caverns leak? What will we do if they leak? Without a doubt, local residents will be the ones to suffer the consequences.

We deserve better than to be left out of the decisions being made by outside profiteering investment firms that would condemn the region to even greater pollution, denying us the opportunity for cleaner, more sustainable jobs in growth industries. It's time to place people over profit and secure a better future for our region. We aim to fight for it. Will you join us?

Attend the Mountaineer NGL Storage Facility Community Meeting on January 21st at 6 p.m. to get the facts that the industry won't tell us. All they tell us are the positives, which aren't many jobs in this case. Experts tell us there are serious risks to this project, and we don't want to be boxed into a fossil-fueled future. Hear from advocates, experts, and legal professionals about the risks associated with the Mountaineer NGL Storage facility. We hope you will join us to engage in this opportunity to publicly oppose Powhatan Salt Co.'s solution mining permits.

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