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If constructed, the PTTGC ethane cracker plant, proposed for construction in Dilles Bottom, OH, would "crack" ethane molecules from fracked gas into smaller molecules that can be manufactured into plastic products. The PTTGC plant could annually emit hundreds of tons of potentially carcinogenic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter into the already-polluted regional atmosphere, potentially causing and exacerbating severe health problems like cancer, asthma, COPD, and neurological issues.

The Mountaineer NGL storage facility, proposed for construction in Monroe County, would develop underground caverns for the storage of natural gas liquids (“NGLs”) adjacent to and potentially beneath the Ohio River. The storage of highly flammable, volatile NGLs threatens the area with the risk of explosions, radioactivity contamination, fires, air pollution, and surface and groundwater contamination. Alarmingly, the approximately 200-acre site is less than a mile away from the groundwater wells of Clarington, OH. Economic experts believe PTTG and Mountaineer need each other to exist.

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4K Industrial Park has proposed the construction of a barge loading and off-loading waterfront facility in Martins Ferry. The complex would receive, process, and transport high volumes of radioactive, chemically-laden oil and gas waste along the Ohio River, threatening the water supply of five million Ohio River Valley residents.

Austin Master is a waste disposal company located in Martins Ferry. The facility has been located in town since 2015 and sits atop the city's aquifer, which feeds water into Martins Ferry and Bridgeport.

West Virginia Methanol

West Virginia Methanol, Inc. is a newly registered company in the state, focusing on the relocation of methanol plants from Brazil and Slovenia and the creation of industry-grade methanol using small-scale production. Methanol plants have a dangerous track record of exploding, contaminating the air and water sources, and are potentially lethal if transported without adequate care. Its proximity to schools and the Ohio River make this facility even more dangerous to Ohio Valley residents.

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