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Mountaineer NGL Storage

No Appalachian Storage Hub

Energy Storage Ventures (ESV) focuses on the development of natural gas hydrocarbon storage facilities. Its main projects are in Monroe County - Powhatan Salt and Mountaineer NGL Storage.

The dangers of constructing these natural gas storage facilities so close to the Ohio River poses a significant danger to the health and safety of Ohio Valley residents. We say, "No Hub! People over their profit!"


Corporate Overview

Energy Storage Ventures

Powhatan Salt

The salt cavern solution mining project of ESV. It is responsible for drilling wells, injection, solution mining, and disposal of brine.


Powhatan Salt received their permit on August 30, 2021. ODNR issued the permit for a Class III solution mining project near Clarington, OH, which is adjacent to the Ohio River. This permit, however, was approved without an examination of the long-term impacts of solution mining so close to the river.

Mountaineer NGL Storage

The storage construction project of ESV. It is responsible for the development of the NGL storage facilities with a saltwater impoundment structure. This project is also constructing rail, pipeline, and truck delivery systems.

Chemicals such as ethane, propane, and butane will be stored in these saltwater cavern storage units. The storage facility has yet to be permitted and will need to wait until Powhatan Salt has built their caverns first.


Mountaineer NGL Storage Facility Community Meeting (02/21/2021)

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