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See this OneDrive link with all of the inspection reports, EPA documents showing hexavalent chromium previous contamination of the site by Wheeling-Pitt Steel- the previous owners, our communication with agencies, etc.

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Debris pipe pile AMS.jpg

Pile of pipes and other debris from the fracking industry. Typically, this type of waste is extremely radioactive. Individuals reported cutting up this pipe. Pile is right next to the break room.


Photo of the agitator - where debris is agitated out of the wastewater. Individuals report that the wastewater is reused again and again in the processes.

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Pile of waste on the floor. Note floor conditions. Individuals reported ODNR notifies Austin Master ahead of the inspections.

Link to ALL photos of the inside click here.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 11.31.59 PM.png
Certified laboratory radiological testing of the soil just 150 feet from the front doors of Austin Master found that radioactivity levels were 10 x's higher than background level. Read the full report HERE.
Airborne particles containing radioactive materials pose immediate health threats through inhalation. Also, considering the high solubility of these radioisotopes, risk to source water contamination is high and warrants appropriate action to fully characterize the fate and transport of both the radiological and chemical contaminants in the subsurface.

Radioactive fracking waste is mixed in these pits. Note the conditions.

Photo of a worker cleaning out waste from a tank of radioactive fracking sludge. Note that he is not wearing protective breathing equipment.  

EPA AMS map2.png

EPA map showing the Martins Ferry water supply wells. Note that it says the aquifer has a HIGH susceptibility to contamination. Note the cracks in the cement where radioactivity can leach into the aquifer and the tire tracks from trucks entering and exiting the building, leaving behind a trail of waste to be tracked through town. 

Austin Master- fball field Graphic.png

  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) reports state that some of the material is so highly radioactive that it must be shipped to Texas to be disposed of since no local landfill can take it.

  • The site is just around 2,500 feet from Purple Rider Stadium, East Ohio Regional Hospital and the United Dairy, and just a few hundred feet from the water plant and homes.

  • The facility operates on top of the aquifer (underground water network) that feeds the Martins Ferry public drinking water wells and is located in a flood plain.

  • The EPA's water assessment of Ferry's water wells states that they are highly susceptible to contamination - adding to the importance of protecting our water.

  • Oil & gas wastewater or "brine" contains heavy metals, toxic levels of salt, and radium. Radium flows with water, can travel with dust, and can be breathed or ingested into the human body. Because radium has a chemical make-up similar to calcium, once inside the body it accumulates in bones.

  • If a fire were to ignite, the water used to put out the fire could contaminate groundwater and drinking water wells.

  • It is not known what other types of hazardous waste is being sent to Austin Masters.

  • Workers are potentially being exposed and could be spreading the radioactive material from their clothes and shoes out into the community.


Railcar filled with waste to be shipped off. Rail cars have been reported by the receiving facility to arrive leaking. Individuals also report that rail cars leak radioactive waste. 

A box unloading radioactive waste fell into the pit. Note leaking liquids on the floor.

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